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Why Choose Us?

We realise there are thousands of recruitment agencies for you to choose from which is why we try and set ourselves apart from the rest.

Here are some of the reasons we think make us different:

  • We are one of the rare breed of recruiters who will only in very exceptional circumstances submit candidates whom we haven't met in person. Our consultants travel the country interviewing candidates to find the right people for our clients' businesses
  • We take the time to get full briefs from our clients, getting to understand the business and its staffing needs quickly. We understand that culture and team fit is just as important as skills and experience
  • Although we hold a large database of candidates, all the work we do for our clients is tailored to their requirements. We search and select on each vacancy using extensive industry networks, only sending our clients the very best people
  • We are privately owned and are careful to keep our overheads low meaning we can pass on those savings to our clients with fee rates that ensure all parties are happy and committed to the relationship
  • We offer introductory fee rates, competitive rates for sole agency and excellent value for money for managed service
  • Our staff enjoy recruitment and they're good at it! With a mixture of backgrounds we share our knowledge and help each other
  • We treat our staff like grown-ups and reward them well. This creates a culture of happy and driven individuals