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Retained Search

For a particularly complex or challenging recruitment requirement a senior recruiter will dedicate their time and commit to providing full search solution from selection, headhunt and interview through to short-list, offer brokerage and on-boarding.

Client Mapping and Headhunting

Mapping out the key personnel in a “target” organisation to apply a very specific headhunting strategy for very specific recruitment requirements.

Contingency Search

By engaging with a client we will establish a detailed “wish list” for their required hire to enable us to effectively match skill sets, cultural alignment and more restrictive salary expectations to a comprehensive job description.

Managed Service/Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We offer a Managed Service recruitment and RPO solution which has traditionally been a service provided by the big players for the big players. An ideal alternative for high volume and low cost team recruitment.

Consultancy Services

We offer an On-Site Client Interviewing Service for SMEs who are able to source their own candidates but may lack the experience or confidence to conduct detailed and searching interviews; generic, cultural and skills based.


Blackrock Search has a qualified personal coach who is able to partner with either client or candidate to inspire a thought-provoking and creative process that is designed to maximise personal and professional clarity and effectiveness.